Preschool Curriculum Science – Air and Wind




Preschool Curriculum Science - Air and Wind is the perfect compliment to the Adventures in 
Learning curriculum and is created to help you setup your 
centers so they do the work for you. 
Each file contains a Quick View page, Supply List, 
and direction card for each of the following centers: 
Dramatic Play, Block Center, Emergent Reader, Paint Center, 
Writing Center, Art Center, Sensory Tub, Science Center, 
Light Table, Gross Motor Activity, Sand/Water Table, 
Cooking Experiment, Fine Motor Activity, Manipulative's 
Center, and Table or Small Group Activities.
Table Activities are created to be self-correcting so that 
children are able to enjoy completing them without any 
major assistance. These activities include: 
Sequencing (Smallest to Largest), Alphabet Matching, 
Sequencing (Numbers), 10 piece Puzzle, Counting, 
Color Matching, and Shadow Matching.


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